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“My students love being able to say that they were selected to the Math Masters team. At our school, many math students set goals to make the team and be able to represent our school. Even if they don’t win a team or individual award, the experience they gain from being around other kids their age from across the state is such an incredible experience they don’t get to have in regular academics.”     

– Josiah Breiter, Math Masters Coach and Teacher, All Saints Catholic School, Lakeville

Lincoln Park MS MM poster

“My students have loved being challenged. I have been inviting 4th grade students to meet with the 5th and 6th graders and they love it too.”

– Lorrie Olstad, Math Masters Coach and Teacher, St. Cloud Christian School

Bluff View Elem 2021

“I really liked that we got to compete with other schools to see who would win. Even though it was super nerve wracking, it was still really fun to do. I also really liked that we got to learn how to do more challenging math that would help us at the competition. My favorite memory of Math Masters was always practicing in the hallway right outside the door and trying super hard to try not to be too loud but loud enough that the rest of my team could hear me or trying super hard not to go ask you how to do things instead of just asking my team members how to do it.”

– Ruby Goosens, Math Masters participant

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