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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect on competition day?
Most competitions include an individual fact drill round, four individual problem-solving rounds, and three group problem-solving rounds with team members cooperatively working to find solutions. Fourth grade competitions include a fact drill round, three individual problem-solving rounds and three team rounds. The competition lasts 3-4 hours, including short breaks with snacks and an awards ceremony.

How much time is available for each competition element?
Fact drill round = 5 minutes; Individual rounds = 10 minutes; Team rounds = 15 minutes. 

How do I register?
Registration typically opens in mid to late September each year. Find registration information here

I just registered. What’s next?
Following registration and payment, the coach will receive an email with important information. Included in that email will be site confirmation and schedule, previous competition tests and answers to use for practice, competition procedures, team selection test, and a suggested team selection plan.

What concepts are typically covered on competition tests?

  • 4th Grade Concepts include: Logical reasoning, Properties of numbers, Two-dimensional geometry, Measurement (non-metric), Time, Decimals, Landmark percent, Landmark fractions, Money, Numeration, Charts, Graphs (line, bar, circle, pictograms, frequency), Basic probability
  • 5th Grade Concepts include: Logical reasoning, Properties of numbers, Geometry, Measurement, Time, Decimals, Percent, Fractions, Money, Numeration, Charts, Graphs, Statistics, Probability
  • 6th Grade Concepts include: Properties of numbers, Geometry, Sequences, Series, Pre-algebra, Decimals, Percent, Fractions, Money, Numeration, Time, Charts, Graphs, Statistics, Probability

How does team competition work?
Teams are comprised of 4-5 students; the same students must compete in all rounds of the competition. The top four scores from each individual round are included in team totals. Changes to your team roster may be made prior to the start of competition; no changes can be made to team rosters after competition begins.

How does individual competition work?
Individuals and Team Affiliates (not part of a team) compete for Fact Drill and Individual Round awards and are not eligible for Team Round awards. Some competition sites allow individuals to form ad-hoc teams to participate in Team Rounds for fun and without eligibility for team awards. 

If I sign up my student as an individual competitor, will Math Masters place my student on a team?
Students registered as individual competitors will compete only as individual competitors, not as part of a team. Math Masters does not create teams from individuals registered independently. If your student would prefer to compete as part of a team, connect with your student’s teachers, parents of friends, and others who might be interested in Math Masters. Register as a team with four or five students and an adult coach.

What is a Team Affiliate?
A Team Affiliate is a student who has practiced with a team but was not selected as a member of the team to participate in competition. Registering a student as a Team Affiliate provides that student an opportunity to participate on competition day in the Fact Drill and Individual rounds and compete for awards. 

How are competition tests scored?

  • Individual scores contribute to the total team score. For each of the three Individual Rounds, the top four individual scores will be added to the Team Round scores to obtain the team total.
  • Scores from the three Team Rounds will be multiplied by three.
  • Scores obtained during the Team Rounds will affect team ratings only. Individual student winners will be determined by the first three rounds of competition.
  • In the case of a tie in Individual Rounds, the tiebreaker round scores will be applied. In the event of a tie in Team Rounds, the scores of the top four students on the team for the Tiebreaker Round will be used to resolve the tie. Note the Tiebreaker Round is only used as a tiebreaker and is not considered in the total individual or team score. If there is still a tie in the Team Round after applying the Tiebreaker Round, the Fact Drill Round scores for the entire team will be added together to resolve the tie. If there is a tie in Individual Rounds after applying the Tiebreaker Round, the individual with the highest Fact Drill score will resolve the tie.

Can a student in one grade participate in the Math Masters competition of a different grade level (i.e. a 5th grader participating in the Math Masters 6th grade competition)?
Yes, a student is eligible to participate in Math Masters competitions at or above their current grade level. However, that student can only participate in each grade level one time. 

Can a student participate in a grade level competition more than once?
No. A student may only participate in competition for a specific grade level (i.e. 5th grade) one time. 

How much does it cost to participate in Math Masters?
As of the 2024 competition season, registration fees are $140/team ($120/early bird), $60/individual ($50/early bird) and $45/team affiliate ($35/early bird). Fees include t-shirts for each registered student, which are distributed on-site at each competition. After the registration deadline, a late fee is added to all registrations.

Are practice materials available?
Yes. All coaches receive a free copy of the competition test and an answer key from the previous year upon paid registration and are encouraged to use these tests as practice materials with their students. Additional practice materials containing test problems and answers can be purchased online.

Can I order extra t-shirts? 
Extra t-shirts can be ordered during registration. Outside of registration, extra shirts can be ordered online. All registered students receive a t-shirt as part of the registration fee. Coaches do not receive t-shirts with the registration fee but can order them.

Can parents and other interested people watch competitions?
Yes! Parents, grandparents and anyone else who wants to observe a competition is welcome to attend as a spectator. 

Can calculators be used during competition?
Non-programmable calculators may be used in all rounds of competition except the Fact Drill. 

How many students can participate on a team?
A team consists of 4-5 students.

Do winning students receive awards?
Top team and individual finishers at each competition receive plaques, medallions or ribbons. All students receive a certificate of participation.

Can special accommodations be made?
Requests for special accommodations will be considered. Any such requests must be submitted to Math Masters at least 30 days prior to the competition date.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?
Complete our online contact form and we’ll be happy to help.