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Students Learn, Connect, Have Fun

What do students love most about Math Masters? 

“It’s fun. Math is one of my stronger subjects. I especially like being able to get together with friends and work on the problems.” Ben from Albert Lea

“I got to meet new people. There were people from an hour away from different towns.” Jordan from Austin

“Math Masters was probably one of the best experiences I have had in middle school.” Torilynn from Osceola

“I have two older sisters I watched participate in Math Masters, and I couldn’t wait for my turn to do the same. Math Masters made math fun and welcoming for me.” Gina from Minneapolis

kids on steps
boys at Twins game
working together

What happens at a competition?

Most competitions are 3-4 hours long, including all competitions and breaks with snacks. After students and their coach arrive, everyone checks in with registration to get their t-shirts and instructions for the day. Parents and anyone else who want to cheer on their favorite math student are encouraged to join the fun! 

All students compete in the fact drill round and in four individual problem-solving rounds. These rounds are done independently by each student. Most students register as part of a team of up to five students. Those students also complete three team rounds, where students on each team work together to solve problems. There is time to hang out and relax, have a snack and meet students from other schools.

After all competition rounds are completed and scored, it’s time for the awards ceremony. Each competition has its own awards ceremony, with top winners in the fact drill round, individual rounds and team rounds receiving ribbons, medallions or plaques – complete with a photo op! 

Check out How Math Masters Works and our FAQs page for more information.